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Re: toolchain/39528: src/tools/file fails to install due topermission problem wrote:

> > > -    MKDIR_P="$ac_install_sh -d"
> > > +    MKDIR_P="\$(SHELL) $ac_install_sh -d"
> That looks reasonable, since ${SHELL} is set to ${CONFIG_SHELL} by
> the configure script, and ${CONFIG_SHELL} is set to ${HOST_SH} by

BTW the configure script already uses both ${SHELL} and $(SHELL).

>> test x"${MISSING+set}" = xset || MISSING="\${SHELL} $am_aux_dir/missing"

>> LIBTOOL='$(SHELL) $(top_builddir)/libtool'

> However, perhaps it would be better to modify the definition
> of ac_install_sh instead of modifying the definition of MKDIR_P?

It looks that MKDIR_P line was generated by autoconf itself
not derived from

Probably we need to fix autoconf but I'd like to commit
the "workaround" for 5.0.
Izumi Tsutsui

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