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Re: cgd and remote keys

On 2008-01-05 12:13 -0800 (Sat), Erik Berls wrote:

> You really have to work to balance the multiple encrypted volumes.  I
> don't think for a minute that the courts are going to believe that
> your 4G volume only contains 1 8k text file.  Especially in front of a
> jury.  [;-)

On the other hand, they may well believe that the 450 GB volume contains
almost nothing if that happens to be the rest of the disk after the
standard set of partitions.

(As an example; on almost all of my systems, I have a standard set of
partitions: root, swap, usr, var, home, u. The first four are almost
invariably about 8-9 GB in size. home ranges from 4-16 GB. u is the rest
of the disk. On older systems, that may be 45 GB; on newer, 450+ GB. I
encrypt only home and u, and if I encrypt, always encrypt both.)

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