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Re: cgd and remote keys

Erik Berls wrote:
You really have to work to balance the multiple encrypted volumes.  I
don't think for a minute that the courts are going to believe that
your 4G volume only contains 1 8k text file.  Especially in front of a
jury.  [;-)

I think the idea is that you put a believable amount of plausibly secret stuff on that volume. Your 1 8k text file listing all the stuff you intend to put there at some point in the future won't cut it. 2G of (just about legal) porn downloaded with bittorrent might be more plausible.

However I think we're getting a bit off focus.  The goal is the
against theft of the key, not resistance to compulsion to divulge the
(a) key.

In the context of cgd as currently implemented, I agree. Plausible deniability would be great, but is currently a much bigger (and separate) problem.

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