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Re: Unable to get usable clone of src-draft repository with Mercurial.

On Tue, Dec 28, 2021 at 09:02:28AM -0800, Yetoo Happy wrote:
> I am trying to clone the NetBSD draft source repository via
> but I get:
> abort: Connection reset by peer

After exposing myself to this hg setup a lot I have to say: we can not
seriously consider switching to it for the main NetBSD source tree.

I don't know if the problems are server setup specific, but overall it just
does not work for us. It sometimes works for some of us, and after you have
a full clone most things are ok. But many people trying it for the first
time don't get it working (at first try or at all).

On the other hand the pkgsrc wip git setup seems to work quite reliably.


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