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Unable to get usable clone of src-draft repository with Mercurial.

I am trying to clone the NetBSD draft source repository via but I get:
abort: Connection reset by peer
I think the only times hg clone succeeded was when I appended --rev
<insert current HEAD/TIP> to the command, but when I try to hg pull I
remote: abort: path 'bundles/800000.zstd.hg' traverses symbolic link 'bundles'
abort: pull failed on remote
This error also occurred if I did hg pull -u --config ui.clonebundles=false

Mercurial irc says that at least the latter error is due to server
configuration. The only other way I was able to get a working
src-draft copy was to download the tar off the anonhg interface and hg
init, configure .hg/hgrc, and pull and update from there, but it's not
documented as a method in NetBSD's Mercurial documentation or the wifi
renewal page.

As a side note, when I try to clone src-public I also get the abort:
Connection reset by peer error, but I am able to clone src just fine
despite it showing it's applying the clone bundle from
which was/is the same and unchanged between the src-public clone.

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