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Mercurial mirror on Bitbucket

Hello all,
I'd like to announce a new set of mirrored repositoried. You can find
Mercurial versions of src, pkgsrc and xsrc under

The same rules as for the fossil and github repositories applies, i.e.
there may be occassional glitches and if it becomes too bad, I might
recreate the repos from scratch.

As usual, I want to thank Petra and Christos for their part of the

A special thanks goes to Sean Farley from the Bitbucket team.
The src tree is a bit larger than Bitbucket normally allows. 

I have a couple of local changes for the py-hgfastimport module not
committed to pkgsrc, primarily for better supporting huge repositories
and incremental conversions. If you run into similar problems, feel free
to contact me for the patches. I'm not sure how applicable they are for
general use.


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