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New home for the repository conversion

Hello all,
the repository conversion setup for NetBSD CVS -> Fossil -> Git
has found a new home. Ironically, on former hardware.
This provides a somewhat faster conversion cycle as well as removing from the process. This should avoid occassional
problems with incomplete syncs. Two other changes have been applied at
the same time:

- The Fossil repositories have moved to using the SHA512 checksums
  internally. To avoid accidents, a new project code is used. This
  requires Fossil 2.x.

- The Git repositories map user names to addresses
  (src, xsrc) or addresses (pkgsrc). This allows
  consolidation on github with user accounts, assuming you have the
  corressponding addresses as primary or secondary address.

The new locations for the repositories are:
CVS    | Fossil                           | Git
src    |    |
pkgsrc | |
xsrc   |   |

The old conversions will be provided for the near future, but likely
stop toward the end of the month.

A special thanks goes to Petra and Christos from the admin team for the
assistance with the machine setup and low-level CVS clean-ups.


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