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Re: Unannounced commits

Hey Jason,

On Tue, Dec 27, 2022 at 8:54 PM Jason Bacon <> wrote:
> In addition, biology/bcftools was *not* upgraded along with them and is
> now out of sync with htslib in the quarterly packages.
> biology/kallisto also depends on htslib.  I see no discussion about this
> on the mailing lists, and I had no opportunity to test the v1.16
> packages before they were committed, or retest kallisto with htslib 1.16.

Having to consult with the maintainer before each update doesn't
scale. How about this: put all the things to keep in mind when
updating into a comment in the Makefile. This could be things like
"keep this other package in sync", "verify that this other package
still builds", etc. This way, whoever does the update can verify these


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