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Re: emulators/qemu unhappiness

John Klos <> writes:

> I'm not sure why this is happening (latest NetBSD current, latest pkgsrc):
> [362/6611] Generating ar with a custom command
> FAILED: pc-bios/keymaps/ar
> /usr/local/bin/qemu-keymap -f pc-bios/keymaps/ar -l ar
> xkbcommon: ERROR: failed to add default include path /usr/X11R7/share/X11/xkb
> This happens when qemu is already installed. If I pkg_delete qemu; rm
> -Rf work; make package, it works.

I see this as well or rather

  /usr/pkg/bin/qemu-keymap -f pc-bios/keymaps/ar -l ar

my libxkbcommon is up to date:

  -rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel    5961 Dec 22 09:19 libxkbcommon-1.4.1nb1

and I have no /usr/X11R7/share/X11/xkb

my theory is that qemu has two bugs:

  - bakes bad path into qemu-keymap

  - uses installed qemu-keymap during build

building without qemu-keymap installed avoids #2

It would be really cool if some pkgsrc lint mode could detect a build
using a file installed in the same package

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