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Re: Unannounced commits

On 12/27/22 16:53, Greg Troxel wrote:

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

On Tue, Dec 27, 2022 at 01:54:26PM -0600, Jason Bacon wrote:
Please consult with package maintainers before upgrading their packages.

That's not the usual way we handle this.

If you feel strongly about a package, you can set yourself as its
OWNER (instead of MAINTAINER) and then other committers are supposed
to ask you before any bigger changes (like updates; but not e.g. for
recursive bumps because of dependency changes).

I think we have too much OWNER.

I think MAINTAINER should be consulted for significant updates,
basically if a reasonable person would think they might object or have
wisdom.  micro updates are fine, but especially packages that have to be
handled specially deserve asking.   If MAINTAINER doesn't answer, that's
something else.

I see that MAINTAINER vs OWNER is documented in the pkgsrc guide, so in adam@'s defense, he was playing by the rules. The rules seem questionable, though. The idea that we can all perform unannounced upgrades to each others' packages seems very counterintuitive to me. I envision this reducing the reliability of pkgsrc as a whole. Minor updates that don't alter the behavior of the software are a different story, of course.

I personally wouldn't even upgrade most packages under pkgsrc-users@ without at least putting it in WIP, posting a heads-up on the pkgsrc-users list, and allowing some time for feedback. That's a very minor delay that could save someone a major headache.

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