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Update to java-vm for NetBSD-10

Tried to build net/unifi on NetBSD-10 and had it fail due to openjdk8 not being accepted by

Started to update _ONLY_FOR_PLATFORMS.openjdk8 and similar to add missing  NetBSD-1[0-9].*-x86_64 type entries, then made some further cleanups

- For each case of a NetBSD entry including NetBSD-9 or 9.99, add a NetBSD-1[0-9].*-${arch}
- Add tabs to align earlier entries to match _ONLY_FOR_PLATFORMS.openjdk8 & later pattern
- Add dot where missing after version: NetBSD-[6-9]*-x86_64 -> NetBSD-[6-9].*-x86_64
- Sort arch before version (this _looks_ much better, but I can see the argument to keep sorting strictly by alpha. for example:

        DragonFly-*-* \
        Linux-*-x86_64                  Linux-*-i[3-6]86                \
        NetBSD-[7-9].*-x86_64           NetBSD-1[0-9].*-x86_64          \
        NetBSD-[7-9].*-i386             NetBSD-1[0-9].*-i386            \
        NetBSD-[7-9].*-sparc64          NetBSD-1[0-9].*-sparc64         \
        NetBSD-[8-9].*-aarch64          NetBSD-1[0-9].*-aarch64         \
        NetBSD-[8-9].*-earmv[67]hf      NetBSD-1[0-9].*-earmv[67]hf     \
        SunOS-*-x86_64                  SunOS-*-i386                    \

What do people think?


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