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Re: Separating graphics/inkscape and its heavyweight extensions - or other ways to make numpy less heavweight?

Taylor R Campbell <> writes:

> (The details of the significance of the plugins to Inkscape determines
> whether this should be a graphics/inkscape-base vs meta-pkgs/inkscape
> pair or a graphics/inkscape vs graphics/inkscape-plugins pair.)

Agreed, and not just significance but what is normal in other packaging

My default position before understanding is that that the bare name
should correspond to what upstream and the rest of the world see as
normal, and my view is that it is odd to avoid numpy on any machine used
for desktop use*, so most everyone else will include it.  Actual facts
welcome of course.

* After all, on such a machine you need to build rust, newer gcc and
  cmake in almost all cases.  gcc for fortran just isn't that big any
  more :-(

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