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Re: Separating graphics/inkscape and its heavyweight extensions - or other ways to make numpy less heavweight?

Martin Husemann <>
> I know the world outside there is crazy and functional+lean is no upstream
> target anywhere, but I just ran into a tiny pkg that is bloated a
> lot by stuff I never use (sorry, best criterium I can come up with):
> graphics/inkscape is a relatively leightweight simple vector graphics
> program.
> It comes with a bunch of extensions, and some of them rely on py-numpy,
> which itself comes with the whole heavy burden of fortran libs and the
> required gcc-from-pkgsrc build on NetBSD.
> Splitting inkscape into "inkscape" and "inkscape-numpy-extensions" would
> avoid this, but I know this is not the prefered pkgsrc way.
> Just wanted to circulate the idea a bit, maybe someone has better ideas.

I have been building inkscape with the include of py-numpy commented out
in the pkgsrc Makefile, don't see any errors.

Maybe just add 'numpy' as a pkg option.

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