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py-sip* update and removal proposal for x11/py-sip, x11/py-sip5

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> Background: py-sip (4) is getting crufty, and doesn't work with 3.11.
> Besides py-sip, there is py-qt5, which uses sip (4) to make qt5 bindings.
> There is then py-sip5, and wip/py-qt5, which uses sip (5).

> Finally there is wip/py-sip6, for sip 6, but I'm not trying to deal with
> 6 yet.


No one replied, so wiz@ and I have been dealing with this offlist, using
qgis as the test case.  Now:

  py-sip6 is newly in pkgsrc
  py-sip(4) still has a because it installs a so
  py-sip5 and py-sip6 do not have because they are used as TOOL_DEPENDS

  py-qt5 uses sip6
  qgis uses sip6
  various packages related to sip-using programs are updated
  qgis seems to work

So, if you use anything with sip, please check that it still builds and


It would be great it calibre, the last remaining user of sip5, could get
updated (6.9.0 upstream vs 5.44.0 pkgsrc) and/or flipped to sip6.  I'll
try sip6 and see how it goes.  Let me know if you want to test before I
commit (if it runs for me); MAINTAINER is pkgsrc-users.  Note that
upstream does not seem to understand that the world is more than the
triculture, and is hostile to people building it from source:

  If you install from source, you are on your own. Please do not open
  bug reports or expect any form of support. You have been warned.

* REMOVAL OF py-sip AND MAYBE py-sip5

I don't want to remove packages just before branch, but here are two
removal proposals:

  I think that py-sip (4) has no users at all.  It is EOL upstream.  I
  plan to remove it after the branch.

  I think that py-sip5 is only used by misc/calibre.   If calibre can be
  made to use py-sip6, the I would think that py-sip5 has no users.  If
  so, I plan to remove it (after the branch, after calibre is happy and
  has been for at least a week ).

  I think we should NOT rename py-sip6 to py-sip.  There has been enough
  incompatibility to put it in the always-versioned time-out corner for
  several years to come.  (I expect a 7 which is incompatible with 6;
  that's how upstream seems to roll.)

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