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Re: libhandy and libhandy1 conflict

nia <> writes:

> I originally imported libhandy1 because it was fully incompatible with
> libhandy. In March, libhandy was updated and it's now the same as
> libhandy1 and they conflict. This prevents the gnome metapackage to
> be installed.
> Either libhandy1 should be deleted, or libhandy downgraded to
> be the previously-compatible version it was before.

I would say libhandy should be downgraded, as it was wrong to update it
while libhandy1 was present.  If libhandy (pre-1) is no longer useful it
can be removed, but it sounds like libhandy has earned a trip to the
"upstream behaves in a way that makes people need to have multiple
vesions in pkgsrc" time-out corner....

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