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Building a Rust package


I am trying to update a rust-based package, and I don't really know my way around rust's newfangled build system. And there are problems.

While packaging security/vaultwarden (1.25.2), the rust part didn't pose any major difficulties. But the 1.26.0 release patches a rust crate, which the pkgsrc contraptions apparently don't deal with.

After the prescribed

[hf@Gstoder] /<2>security/vaultwarden > make CARGO_ARGS="build --release --features `make show-var VARNAME=CARGO_FEATURES`" build

(which fails unless the --features option is provided - I guess that could be a target in "lang/rust/"?) to update "", the actual package build ends quickly with

===> Building for vaultwarden-1.26.0
error: failed to load source for dependency `multer`

Caused by:
Unable to update

Caused by:
can't checkout from '': you are in the offline mode (--offline)
*** Error code 101

make[1]: stopped in /amd/hochstuhl/u/pkgsrc/security/vaultwarden
*** Error code 1

The package's "Cargo.toml" has a

# Using a patched version of multer-rs (Used by Rocket) to fix attachment/send file uploads
# Issue:
# Patch: multer = { git = "";, rev = "477d16b7fa0f361b5c2a5ba18a5b28bec6d26a8a" }

section, and I suppose that patch is not recorded in the package's "".

Which way forward?


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