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Re: Needing the version string of a dependancy

Paul Ripke <> writes:

> I've been fixing up wip/nlopt. math/octave is an optional dependency,
> and if selected, PLIST needs the octave version string. How is this
> normally done? Hunting around, it seems the way this is normally done
> is to reference an exported var, exported from, eg.
> SCIVERSION from math/scilab.
> Is this the recommendation? Should something like this export be done
> by default?

A contrarian view is that the other way is to patch out needing the
string in the nlopt sources, unless that would be broken in some
significant way.   It strikes me as perhaps a bug that it is needed in
the first place.

Otherwise, you are probably on the right track, but I see this as a
niche thing and mildly lean against making things more complicated by

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