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Re: armv6 on QEMU (was Re: armv6 support for rust)

Robert Swindells <> writes:

> Brad Spencer <> wrote:
>> In a previous message I replied that I wondered if a GENERIC armv6
>> kernel / image could exist (in the original message, for the purposes of
>> building a armv6 rust version).  By default it is not made, but it
>> appears that it is possible to create one manually that functions with
>> QEMU.
> Is there a reason you can't boot an armv7 (or aarch64) kernel then
> run pkgtools/libkver to make pkgsrc think that it is armv6?

Yes, that would seem to be possible too.  I have never used libkver.
You would still need the armv6 userland to get the right compiler as I
would not expect the armv7 compiler to produce proper binaries.

> Haven't done this in QEMU but have built armv4 packages on faster
> ARM systems.

QEMU has some advantages for me, personally, as it means I don't have to
stand up another physical device to do builds.  I run a number of ARM
systems and have been running them all as armv6, even though some of
them are more advanced than that, because it was annoying to do more
than one build of userland and pkgsrc.

Brad Spencer - - KC8VKS -

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