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CA bundle for cadaver/neon


I would like cadaver to validate server certificate. I tested it with 
success, it just requires linking with neon, and configuring neon 

1) Building cadaver with neon
This has been the case for a while, but neon dependency was removed in 
pkgsrc/www/cadaver/Makefile 1.51-1.52

Restoring a .include "../../www/neon/" works fine.
Is there any reason not to do it?

2) Configuring neon --with-ca-bundle
What CA bundle path should we use? 

/usr/pkg/etc/neton-ca-bundle.pem, which a MESSAGE advertising it, 
so that the administrator can link it to whatever desired

Or /usr/pkg/share/mozilla-rootcerts/cacert.pem so that it works
out of the box (we need to add a mozilla-rootcert dependency,

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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