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Re: turn on PKGSRC_USE_MKTOOLS by default?

On 9/26/22 16:19, Brook Milligan wrote:

On Sep 26, 2022, at 3:14 PM, Thomas Klausner <> wrote:

Is it time to turn this on by default?  It was hinted at in the 2022Q2
release notes.  I've been using it for the whole quarter in my builds
without any issues.

Probably a good idea.

However, I have one comment.  How does this interact with selecting a pkgsrc compiler?  Since these need compiling and are not part of the bootstrap (to my knowledge), will that create a dependency loop between mktools and a pkgsrc compiler?  Or should mktools be added to the bootstrap if not already?


I've already exempted it from the pkgsrc GCC requirement in
auto-pkgsrc-setup per previous discussion:

cat << EOM >> $mk_conf
.if \


    empty(PKGPATH:Mpkgtools/digest) && \\
    empty(PKGPATH:Mpkgtools/mktools) && \\
    empty(PKGPATH:Mpkgtools/pkg_install) && \\



.endif  # GCC_REQD



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