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Re: Reproducable cvs hickup

Martin Husemann <> writes:

> Hey folks,
> whenever I do (reproducable at least on one machine) a
> 	make cce
> in a pkgsrc directory, I get a temporary watch activated on pkgsrc/doc/TODO.
> Never noticed this before, but it happend twice lately. Anything wrong with
> my checkout or some local issue here?
> When I do 
> 	cvs watchers
> in pkgsrc/doc I get:
> TODO    martin  tedit   tunedit tcommit
> and I can only get rid of this with "cvs unedit TODO".

I haven't noticed this, and I did an update in the last few days.

Are you using CVSREAD, or did you?  Long ago, people used to do that
(including me) and doing 'cvs edit' or similar would turn on the w bit
and set a watch.  However a bunch of things ended up being trouble, and
I view those as bugs in the build (eg. cp -p of sources with code that
expected to write, and something about make cce).  Several people were
basically indifferent to these issues, saying it was my fault for using
CVSREAD, and because CVSREAD wasn't actually helping me much, I turned
it off and did chmod +w on sources.

What is the permission value on doc/TODO?

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