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import wip/xidle and/or wip/signify?

A while ago I packaged a couple of useful utils from OpenBSD which I consider
worth checking out and possibly importing. I'm referring to: 
- signify [1]
- xidle [2]

For convenience, wip/signify was built around Leah Neukirchen's port of
signify(1) for Linux, included in their collection of non-standard
OpenBSD utilities for Linux (namely, 'outils'). Leah's port was adapted
to build on NetBSD and Solaris, besides Linux, and has been tested on
these 3 platforms. The package was later revised by @leot, who
simplified the Makefile and improved its robustness.

wip/xidle basically represents my own port of OpenBSD's xidle(1). It is
in sync with current Xenocara, and distfiles are hosted on my account at

The package was initially based on the version included in FreeBSD ports
(which in turn represents the basis for various Linux packages), but
this is quite ancient (sources last checked out in 2015).

Here's a recap of changes introduced since the FreeBSD version: 

- Use setsid() to close stdio before entering main loop
- Use the proper macros in the AUTHORS section
- Add an option to disable the active area
- Disable unneeded bzero(3) on already zero initialized global data
- Use strtonum(3)
- Remove obsolete linter hints.
- Consistently handle `-display' option together with others.

The package was tested on NetbSD (9.3), Linux (Slackware 15.0), and
SunOS (OmniTribblix 0m27). Package still needs revision from a developer
with CVS access.

Testing on macOS is still due for both packages, as I lack Apple hardware.


Kindest Regards,

vms[-at]   |

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