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Ok to import wip/openmpi?

Hi all,

Jason prepared wip/openmpi with muchly overdue update of
parallel/openmpi to 4.1.4. I hacked on it and addressed TODOs and made
pkglint happy, at least here.

I would like to know how it builds on non-Linux platforms, if there are
PLIST issues to address. Then, I'd like to get it quickly into main
pkgsrc, as version 1.10.7 should not see yet another quarterly release.

At the same time, I hope to get mpi-ch updated so that it works for
wip/scalapack, which I intended to import initially. If that turns out
to be unfeasible, I'll start bugging about changing the default to
openmpi, which seems to be the safer bet for something that 'just
works'. MPI-CH is more about bleeding-edge implementation of the most
current standard (and is the basis for some commercial MPI libraries).

Changing the default naturally works better with openmpi being updated …

If you are in support of the intial idea of multiple MPI libraries
being installed via MPI_PREFIX to avoid them conflicting, this is also
the time to speak up. I removed that feature from wip/openmpi as I see
it as a source of work for packaging, including other packages
depending on MPI, without much gain. The case with differing BLAS
implementations I consider different, as you have choices like
single-threaded vs. multi-threaded that are to be different for
different applications. But MPI always does the same: Provide
communication and orchestration of a multi-processing application, just
possibly with slightly different API depending on standards version and
performance differences. Hence, there is a choice, but only
one, for your pkgsrc installation. I expect applications working with
either implementation, except very bleeding edge stuff where Open MPI
might need to catch up … or MPI-CH just not building on some setup
because a new feature breaks a platform.

Alrighty then,


Dr. Thomas Orgis
HPC @ Universität Hamburg

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