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Re: Is it normal for file from pkgsrc not to recognize MIME for application/x-xz?

"Dr. Thomas Orgis" <> wrote:
>Am Tue, 16 Aug 2022 12:12:37 +0100
>schrieb Robert Swindells <>:
>> "Dr. Thomas Orgis" <> wrote:
>> Not returning the specific MIME type for XZ looks to be a bug in the
>> original definition to me.
>> In magic/magdir/compress, there is a blank line between the non-MIME
>> and the MIME lines for XZ.
>> Putting a copy of the definition in ~/.magic with the blank line removed
>> makes it return "application/x-xz; charset=binary" for me.
>What did you exactly to achieve that? I patched the source and don't
>see improvement.

I moved the "mime" and "strength" lines to after the first one as well,
the MIME type choice doesn't depend on the other lines.

0       ustring         \xFD7zXZ\x00            XZ compressed data, checksum
!:strength * 2
!:mime  application/x-xz
>7      byte&0xf        0x0                     NONE
>7      byte&0xf        0x1                     CRC32
>7      byte&0xf        0x4                     CRC64
>7      byte&0xf        0xa                     SHA-256

Not done a full build of it on NetBSD, I just added the fragment above
to my ~/.magic file.

Robert Swindells

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