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Re: -fstack-check vs -fstack-clash-protection

Lloyd Parkes <> writes:

> I had a bit of read of our documentation and the NetBSD documentation.
> The name PKGSRC_USE_STACK_CHECK, the option -fstack-check, the usage
> of PKGSRC_USE_STACK_CHECK in pksgrc and all the various bits of
> documentation seem to line up fairly well. I don't think it's worth
> changing any of it. We risk having inconsistent documentation if we
> don't find all the references.

seems reasonable

> I can see value in adding a new pkgsrc setting. I'm not in love with
> the length of the name PKGSRC_USE_STACK_CLASH_PROTECTION but maybe we
> could have PKGSRC_PROTECT_STACK_CLASH? Then we would just need to add
> a section B.1.2.3 to
> and call the documentation done.

Agreed about length but I think PKGSRC_USE is an important prefix, so

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