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Re: nginx-devel causing upgrade problems

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

> Currently both www/nginx and www/nginx-devel have exactly the same
> version.  This means that binary package repositories only have the
> version from www/nginx available.

I guess the cause is that nginx-devel also has a PKGNAME of nginx, so
it's sort of a separate package and sort of not, and one of those either
fails or the last one wins, perhaps in some uncontrolled manner.

> Is there still a strong requirement that we have the -devel package at
> all?  It does cause confusion for folks who are simply presented with
> a list of packages and don't know why we ship multiple nginx's, and
> I'd certainly want to avoid this situation again where they both ship
> identical versions so that the package isn't shipped at all.

Typically packages of unreleased versions are in wip instead.

I would also view it being necessary to have -devel (in pkgsrc, for
normal users vs testers of the upstream) as a bug in nginx's release

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