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python3.9-config and rpath

I ran into trouble building something that uses python, and while the
full story is complicated and arguably that build system was wrong
anyway, I found (netbsd-9, pkgsrc-head):

  $ /usr/pkg/bin/python3.9-config --ldflags
   -L/usr/pkg/lib  -lcrypt -lintl -lpthread  -lutil -lm -lm 

That's odd, because --libs has the libs, but the problem is that there
is no RPATH, so building using these flags results in a defective
executable, with the expected complaint about not finding

I have crudely patched python3.9-config so that instead it prints:

  $ /usr/pkg/bin/python3.9-config --ldflags
   -L/usr/pkg/lib -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib  -lcrypt -lintl -lpthread  -lutil -lm -lm 

and then the program not only builds but runs.

3.10 has the same problem, and 3.8 did earlier.

Do people agree this is a bug in python and/or the package?

A fix would need to know and include the right rpath-like flags per platform.

Is anyone who really understands the python build machinery up for
fixing it?

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