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Re: About NetBSD pkg tools and PKG_DBDIR

John Klos <> writes:

> We have issues with non-default LOCALBASE with regards to NetBSD's
> default, in-tree pkg tools.
> Just curious - what harm would happen if NetBSD's pkg tools checked
> /etc/mk.conf for LOCALBASE and used that for PKG_DBDIR if
> /usr/pkg/pkgdb doesn't exist?

Hard to really say.  The history of PKG_DBDIR lossage is that it has
been much harder to get right than anybody thought it would be.

If you have pkgsrc in non-standard location you need to set PKG_DBDIR in
both pkg_install.conf files.  I am not in favor of adding complexity to
avoid that.

And, I'd say that if a tool wants to use /usr/pkg/pkgdb (PKG_DBDIR
compiled to that) and /usr/pkg does not exist, that should be a hard

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