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Re: geos failure on smartos

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

>>In bulk of smartos/x86_64:
>>geos fails to build:
>>It seems the compiler/headers are objecting to "sqrt(5)", because it
>>can't choose among long double, double, and float.  This works
>>everywhere else I've built geos, and it obviously works for the geos
>>development team.
>>Is it
>>  - an error in C++ to pass an int to sqrt?
>>  - is the smartos toolchain wrongly objecting?
>>  - other toolchains are wrong to allow this?
>>  - (d) none of the above?
> It's not an error, but I didn't yet have time to dig into why other OS
> don't warn about it.  The fix I've applied in other places is to add
> an explicit
>   using std::sqrt;
> or similar to the file in question so the compiler knows to use the
> C++ implementation.

Upstream has changed to std::sqrt and also changed 5 to 5.0.  Because I
don't want to change much in freeze, I just applied the 5.0 part of
that, and with any luck that will fix it.

The larger fix will be in 3.11.0, probably arriving fairly soon.

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