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distcc broken?

distcc was recently updated:

  /usr/pkgsrc/doc/CHANGES-2022:   Updated devel/distcc to 3.4 [adam 2022-06-04]

and while that was a while ago and I thought things were ok, I just got
this -- perhaps because only recently did I update distcc  on one of my
other machines (which usually runs pkgsrc stable).

distccd: ERROR: --enable-tcp-insecure: unknown option
distcc[5786] (dcc_readx) ERROR: unexpected eof on fd7
distcc[5786] (dcc_r_token_int) ERROR: read failed while waiting for token "DONE"
distcc[5786] (dcc_r_result_header) ERROR: server provided no answer. Is the server configured to allow access from your IP address? Is the server performing authentication and your client isn't? Does the server have the compiler installed? Is the server configured to access the compiler?
distcc[5786] (dcc_build_somewhere) ERROR: failed to distribute and fallbacks are disabled

I am in fact running it over ssh.

Is anyone successfully using distcc, where both the machine building the
package and the distcc worker are up to date?

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