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2022Q2 freeze has started

Effective 20 0Z June, pkgsrc is frozen for the upcoming 2022Q2 branch.
As usual we hope to branch and unfreeze in about 7 days, and as usual it
will probably be a few days longer.

Freeze rules are at under "gdt's

  - No new packages
  - Build fixes are welcome
  - Bug fixes (especially security fixes) are very welcome
  - Micro updates that would be eligible and appropriate for stable branch
    pullups, because they fix a security bug or something serious, are ok
  - Micro updates for packages whose recursive total depending package
    count is < 25 are ok
  - For any other updates (especially under mk or pkgtools), please ask,
    explaining why the update furthers pkgsrc's goals of stabilty and
    usefulness for users. While there's no intent to completely prohibit
    changes, I'm concerned about impacts to platforms not tested, and I
    value working packages from the branch over packages being slightly

I would like to emphasize that this is not meant to completely prohibit
other changes.  Rather, it's meant to have a group consideration of a
change outside of guidelines to see if it furthers the branch goals, and
gain the benefit of more people able to foresee problems and suggest


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