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Re: USE_NCURSES not working in sysutils/htop - CURSES_DEFAULT=ncurses working

Am 11.06.2022 um 15:27 schrieb David Brownlee:
sysutils/htop fails to build for me on netbsd-9. It has
USE_NCURSES=yes, but does not pull in ncurses (needed for some mouse
related calls)

According to "make show-all-curses", the variable USE_NCURSES is a
system-provided variable, it should not be set by a package.

mk/ says:
# If a package genuinely requires ncurses or pdcurses, then it should
# directly include the appropriate instead of this file in
# the package Makefile.

Too bad that pkglint doesn't complain about anything. I thought it would
evaluate the _VARGROUPS sections in the infrastructure files. :-/

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