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Re: Always do out-of-tree builds with CMake?

I agree with the general thoughts behind this.  I can comment
a little bit on Thomas's thoughts as well.

In pkgsrc, we're generally moving towards having less build-
system-specific infrastructure specific infrastructure in mk/.

This has pretty much been organic because developers find the
infrastructure in mk/ (understandably) hard to wrap their head around.
So, we ended up with things like devel/meson/

I think this model is more maintainable in the long run and CMake
support should be moved out of mk/.  This would allow adding ninja
support like Thomas suggested, and we could also easily default to
out-of-tree-builds (I don't think that ninja should necessarily be
a default though simply because I want bmake to be as widely tested
as possible).

This is something I've wanted to work on for a while, but little
things keep coming up to distract me.

It should be easy to implement devel/cmake/  The hard
part is testing it, if you don't have powerful hardware to run
a bulk build, you can ask people on these lists to test a private
branch, certain folks are generally happy to oblige.

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