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Re: lang/guile30 violates basic pkgsrc mechanisms to work around an ancient bug

> Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2022 12:20:34 -0700
> From: "Greg A. Woods" <>
> Now in guile30 the interpreter bootstrap code checks the target system
> type, as set by the configure script, with the following function:
> (define (validate-target target)
>   (if (or (not (string? target))
>           (let ((parts (string-split target #\-)))
>             (or (< (length parts) 3)
>                 (or-map string-null? parts))))
>       (error "invalid target" target)))

I just filed a bug report with Guile with a patch to fix this in one
place so we don't have to disrupt it in 20,000 places for all the
other packages we build which have no problem with the status quo.

> As a side note I had to restart some of my build attempts once or even
> more than once due to a "parked" guile process during the build!

You can `pkill -STOP guile && pkill -CONT guile' to kick it when that
happens without starting over.  (The underlying problem is still under

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