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Re: Proposal: remove OSF/1 support

On Thu, 31 Mar 2022 06:32:54 +0000
nia <> wrote:

> According to a rather upset person on reddit, bootstrap has been
> broken for years, and I don't think we have the capability to test
> this platform even if we want to, since it's a proprietary platform
> that only runs on hardware that is increasingly rare.

I have still-working hardware[1], but am not objecting to removal.
My interest is rather limited these days, but it would be good to at
least assess how broken it is before we decide. I know GCC dropped
support for Tru64 around version 5 so that kind of places a limit on
what can be built. If anyone is interested in working on this I can
provide accounts.

[1] The AlhaServer DS20 chugs around 500W at idle so it is sadly not
feasible to use it for anything but a paper weight in this day and age.

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