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Re: Why is wip/virtualbox pulling lang/oracle-jre8 as a dependency?

Am 19.03.2022 um 12:42 schrieb Ottavio Caruso:
But why is it requiring lang/oracle-jre8 at all? Why not lang/openjdk11?

$ bmake show-var VARNAME=_JRE_PKGSRCDIR


$ bmake help topic=_JRE_PKGSRCDIR
No help found for _JRE_PKGSRCDIR.

Since _JRE_PKGSRCDIR starts with an underscore, it is not part of the
public API, therefore it's good that there is no documentation for it. A
better help topic is "java"; and even though there is no help topic, you
at least get a list of the files that may contain documentation.

As a first starting point, you can run (as suggested in

$ bmake show-all

Or more specifically:

$ bmake show-all-java

This shows you the variables from the public API of the Java part of
pkgsrc.  From the output, you will get a rough idea about what happens
inside mk/  And if that doesn't help, you at least have a
starting point for reading the implementation.

To trace the exact steps that happen in mk/, you can modify
the package Makefile:

.MAKEFLAGS: -dcv    # trace variable assignments and conditions
.include "../../mk/"
.error stop here

The ".error" line stops parsing the package Makefile immediately because
once enabled, bmake's debug logging cannot be turned off again.


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