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Re: devel/mold is now ported to NetBSD

On 1/20/22 1:21 AM, PHO wrote:
Hi all,

Today I ported devel/mold, which only worked on Linux until now, to NetBSD. It is arguably the fastest and the least memory-consuming linker known to mankind :)

A few problems that I found have been patched and upstreamed, but there can still be some unknown issues on NetBSD. So please try it if you are interested.

You can try it by adding the following two lines to your etc/mk.conf:

LD=       /usr/pkg/bin/mold
LDFLAGS+= -Wl,-L/usr/lib

Derp. Actually you also need these too, or gcc won't invoke it indirectly:  -B/usr/pkg/libexec/mold
CWRAPPERS_PREPEND.cxx+= -B/usr/pkg/libexec/mold

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