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Python packages without

Some recent Python packages do not distribute, but rely on other tools to build and package.

Here are the steps I've taken to generate for PkgSrc using devel/py-flit.

cd ${WRKSRC}
flit-3.10 build --format sdist --setup-py
bsdtar --strip-components 1 -zxvf dist/*.tar.gz '*/'
sed -i '' -e '/generated by flit/d' -e 's,distutils.core,setuptools,'

Copy to ${FILESDIR}/

Add these to Makefile:

# Important: Re-generate files/ on update.


I used this method on py-flit_core, py-flit, py-tomli, and py-tomli_w.

I know it's a little bit messy and only applies to packages using Flit as a tool in pyproject.toml.

Kind regards,

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