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Re: personal pbulk failing in scan phase due to py-pygments

Thomas Klausner transcribed 0.3K bytes:
> pscan was not attached.

Yes, I noticed and did send it.

> If you think it's py-pygments fault, look for "py[0-9]*-pygments" in
> the presolve file. That will tell you which version of py*-pygments
> the bulk build wants to build, and which other package requests this.
> You can then limit that package to python 3.x.
>  Thomas

looking at presolve for py27-pygments, as py-pygments is versioned and no longer
for python27 according to the Makefile, I still get results which want this in ALL_DEPENDS.
Of course py27-pygments does no longer exist.
Does presolve capture all packages to be build? Then we just have py27-docutils-0.17.1
depending on it. And this is just pulled in because for whatever reason I have the
textproc/py-docutils added in the limited_limited list, too long ago to remember why.

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