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a note about emulators/wine dependencies and vendored copies


I noticed that the Wine project includes a number of libs, extending
that list in recent times. From the configure script:

WINE_EXTLIB_FLAGS(FAUDIO, faudio, "faudio mfplat mfreadwrite mfuuid propsys", "-I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/faudio/include")
WINE_EXTLIB_FLAGS(GSM, gsm, gsm, "-I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/gsm/inc")
WINE_EXTLIB_FLAGS(JPEG, jpeg, jpeg, "-I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/jpeg")
WINE_EXTLIB_FLAGS(JXR, jxr, jxr, "-I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/jxr/jxrgluelib -I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/jxr/image/sys")
WINE_EXTLIB_FLAGS(LCMS2, lcms2, lcms2, "-I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/lcms2/include")
WINE_EXTLIB_FLAGS(MPG123, mpg123, mpg123, "-I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/mpg123/src/libmpg123")
WINE_EXTLIB_FLAGS(PNG, png, "png \$(ZLIB_PE_LIBS)", "-I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/png")
WINE_EXTLIB_FLAGS(TIFF, tiff, tiff, "-I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/tiff/libtiff")
WINE_EXTLIB_FLAGS(XML2, xml2, xml2, "-I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/xml2/include -DLIBXML_STATIC")
WINE_EXTLIB_FLAGS(XSLT, xslt, xslt, "-I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/xslt -DLIBXSLT_STATIC")
WINE_EXTLIB_FLAGS(ZLIB, zlib, z, "-I\$(top_srcdir)/libs/zlib -DFAR= -DZ_SOLO")

They seem to try to use external versions in the MinGW environment, but
I guess in the context of pkgsrc, the dependencies of emulators/wine
don't match reality, at least once updated to the more recent releases.

It might be non-trivial to decouple these libs in cases of some
specific configuration. For libmpg123, they removed its configuration
script and fixed a config.h and build options (which hopefully work

Whoever attempts to update emulators/wine should check those
dependencies …

Alrighty then,


Dr. Thomas Orgis
HPC @ Universität Hamburg

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