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Re: Presence of modular X package in native X package sets

On Fri, 26 Nov 2021 at 13:07, nia <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Native vs. modular X often seems to be a point of confusion for new
> NetBSD users, and I often have to explain that, by default, binary
> packages only work with native X. Users coming from Linux are often
> still under the impression that they can "install drivers" from
> pkgsrc by virtue of them being there.
> I think the UX would improve a lot if we removed this source of
> confusion by making modular xorg packages NO_BIN_ON_FTP when
> the xorg type is set to native (another option would be adding
> SKIP_, but do we want bulk build logs for this mixed ABI-incompatible
> configuration?).
> Since I'm aware of a few users doing stuff like using xterm from
> pkgsrc with native X from base, I think we should continue supporting
> this use case (because it's relatively harmless) but reserve the
> restrictions for server and library packages. The libraries should
> not be mixed because NetBSD's X has different shared library versions.

I think it makes a lot of sense to tag the relevant x server & lib
packages in this case. I'd be inclined towards an include of a small
mk fragment which just contains NO_BIN_ON_FTP in a native conditional
and a comment, so it's clear why they are showing up as NO_BIN_ON_FTP,
and to make it easy to track back from that fragment to work out which
packages include it (but that may just be me :)


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