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llvm update to 13.0.0


Attached you can find an update for the llvm-related packages to the
current release, 13.0.0.

I've tested it using meta-pkgs/bulk-test-llvm.

I have not committed it yet because:

* devel/creduce - build breakage (we have been patching this locally
  for a couple llvm releases now, upstream hasn't been making releases
  for quite some time; devel/cvise covers the same functionality and
  is maintained)

* devel/include-what-you-use - build breakage (this always lags behind
  llvm releases, I've filed a bug report upstream for a new release)

* devel/py-llvmlite - already marked BROKEN since the llvm 12 update

* lang/zig - latest release does not support llvm 13, I've filed a bug
  report upstream for a new release

* parallel/opencl-clang - broken because it uses spirv-llvm-translator

* parallel/spirv-llvm-translator - the latest release claims to
  support llvm 13, but it doesn't build for me, I've filed an upstream
  bug report (partial update included in diff).

Except for these, the meta package builds for me on NetBSD
9.99.92/amd64, including firefox and firefox91.

I suspect fixes will be needed for Darwin and possibly other

Ok to commit despite the breakage above?


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