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Re: Fix pkg_install on macOS Monterey

On Wed, 3 Nov 2021 at 10:49, Jonathan Perkin <> wrote:
> So, Apple's crappy virtual memory system strikes again, and the problem
> we're running into is that the +INSTALL and +DEINSTALL scripts executed
> during upgrade of pkg_install fail because they're using fork() when the
> original file system image of pkg_add and pkg_delete are either missing
> or changed, as we're in the process of replacing them.
> At least that's the best theory I'm working on right now, given the
> inability to do any proper debugging on this OS, and goes some way to
> explain why it's an intermittent failure.
> I have a diff to switch the calls of these script to use system()
> instead:
> and have verified that this "fixes" the issue in my limited testing, but
> I'm expecting some objections to this change (I don't like it either).
> To those of you who object, please come up with some alternative
> solutions.  The only ones I can think of are really really bad.

Dumb question - could posix_spawn be used (and does it exhibit the same issue)?


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