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Re: Adding REPLACE_R+=

Am 09.09.2021 um 14:22 schrieb Makoto Fujiwara:
> I'd like to add
> function

In order to make this feature work, you don't need a variable called R.
 If you have a look at math/R/Makefile.extension, the R binary is always
referred to by its actual location, which is ${PREFIX}/bin/R.

So you can just write: ${PREFIX}/bin/R

There is no need to modify anything in mk/tools for this.  It's merely a
coincidence that all the other REPLACE items have a corresponding tool.

There are already a few other packages that define their own REPLACE.*
items using a path in PREFIX, for example mail/roundcube.

The entries for _PKG_VARS.interp are sorted alphabetically, so please
add the entry for R between the ones for perl6 and sh.  Same for the
'!empty' block.

Other than that, everything looks good.  There is already a regression
test in regress/replace-interpreter, but that one covers only bash, so
you don't need to add anything there as well.  There is another test in
regress/infra-unittests/, but that one doesn't
test individual interpreters as well.


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