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Re: Rust and Q-branching

Havard Eidnes <> writes:

> As you may know, rust carries in its belly (as part of the source
> distribution) a copy of LLVM.  You can choose to build rust with
> this integrated copy of LLVM by setting
> PKG_OPTIONS.rust+=      rust-llvm
> The default is to use whatever other LLVM is available, be that
> either an in-tree version or from the llvm pkgsrc package.
> Now, in most of my build setups, /etc/mk.conf contains a line
> such as the one above.  That means that I'm not testing the build
> without that option set.

It is policy that bulk builds not set non-defautl options, at least for
TNF build builds, and therefore testing for if things will be ok need to
be done with defaults.

Hvaing read the rest, it sounds like there are a small number of
platforms which have something wrong with them such that this option is
needed.  I agree with the other commenters, and it seems best to set it
conditionally as SUGGESTED very narrowly.

To clarify, my testing has been with default mk.conf (relative to rust).

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