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rust test criteria - firefox working good enough?

Given the rust update discussion, I wanted to float a procedure for
testing a rust update on a given platform.

"update from" should be read as "make package replace" or an equivalent
for bulk builds.

  * update from wip/rust
  * update from graphics/librsvg
  * update from www/firefox
  * actually run firefox

(There's a caveat for earmv7, where I think the build of rust and maybe
firefox needs to be done in a chroot of an aarch64 system with at least
4G of ram, maybe 8G.)

Do people think that's not careful enough, too much, or something else?

  Any need to test thunderbird (or firefox esr)?

  Do we believe that if the rust package completes, then 99.99%
  everything else is ok?

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