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Re: libclucene fails to compile under NetBSD current with gcc 10 [with fix]

On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 08:38:57PM +0000, Dave Tyson wrote:
> Under  NetBSD 9.99.83 (GENERIC) on amd64 the compile of libclucene 
> flops out due to the gcc version being 10.x.x  

Your pkgsrc tree is out of date.

This has been fixed since April:

$NetBSD: patch-src_shared_cmake_MacroCheckGccVisibility.cmake,v 1.2 2021/04/16 14:55:42 ryoon Exp $

* Match all GCC versions, ignore GCC 2 or earlier cases.
  Fix build with GCC 10 or later.


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