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print/latex-mk runs texi2dvi but has a tool dependency on makeinfo

The print/latex-mk package runs texi2dvi in the doc directory during the build.  The Makefile contains a tool dependency on makeinfo.

I am running into a system that provides makeinfo (as texi2any) but does not provide texi2dvi or any other texi2* program.

Consequently, the tool dependency on makeinfo succeeds and the pkgsrc version (which include texi2dvi) is not installed.

This is a mismatch between the actual dependency (texi2dvi) and the test (for makeinfo).

How should this be handled?  Is another tool, e.g.,, required?  Is there a way to force pkgsrc to use tools provided by pkgsrc instead of system-provided ones?

Thanks for your help.


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