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Re: [PATCH] pkg_rolling-replace: use POSIX getopts(1) instead of getopt(1)

On 2021-06-05, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> If you've actually tested it on NetBSD, and it works, and you can get it
> committed in say 48h after we see if anybody else has reasons not to,
> that seems fine to me.

Yes, it works fine on NetBSD.

> (You didn't mention what system it fails on because of lack of getopt,
> but it seems an uncommon one as this is the first report of this problem
> in 15 years.

My system is rather strange. It is Linux, but most of the unix tools
come from sbase and a few other places.

> I'm fine with fixing it but I don't want to change things
> to address corner cases in the few days before freeze.)

Ah, I didn't realize we were so close to a freeze. I was just going
through my local pkgsrc branch looking to see what changes I had left.
I wrote this patch a year ago, so I can wait a few more weeks until
after the freeze.

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