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gettext vs vlc


thor@ mentioned that vlc on his Linux system installed .mo files, but
they're not in the PLIST.

I checked on NetBSD, and here the configure test fails to accept the
libintl pkgsrc is providing (the native one). The package wants 0.19.8
and checks for it using the __GNU_GETTEXT_SUPPORTED_REVISION macro,
which is not defined by NetBSD's citrus implementation.

I looked at other packages, and some of them deal with it by removing
this extra check from the configure script. This is hard in this case,
because we run autoreconf in pre-configure.

I don't see a possibility to force pkgsrc to use the gettext-lib from
pkgsrc, and I'm not sure what that would do to vlc on NetBSD at
runtime (where it possibly has both libraries linked in at the same

One option would be to unconditionally disable nls, then vlc will
build and package on Linux (but without translations).

One option would be to make the package not use autoreconf during
build (which means we would have to replace ~3 patches for *.am/*.ac).

Other options?

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